Leveraging Peers, Partners and Specialists
Meeting Your Clients’ Needs Through Alliances
allows you to build stronger, longer-lasting client relationships.

No advisor has all of the answers to all of the questions that a client may ask, or knowledge of what a client may need. At Queen City Financial Advisors, we understand that providing our advisors with a powerful network of experienced professional peers, proven strategic partners and expert specialists means that each advisor can focus on what they do best and on developing deeper relationships with their clients.

There are a number of key resources available to our advisors, whether through our firm, our broker/dealer or our clearing firm. These resources include but are not limited to:

Insurance Advisory Services

O'toole and Associates, Inc.
We have a long time working relationship with a local insurance brokerage operation to help advisors with their life and long term care insurance needs.

TNBC, Inc.
Securities America, Inc. affiliated relationship for brokerage assistance with your fixed and fixed index annuity cases and life and long term care clients.

Tax Advice and Accounting Consultation

David J Hampton C.P.A. Burke & Schindler, Inc.
David Hampton has over 25 years of experience providing tax preparation and planning advice to both advisors and clients.

Legal Consultation

Thomas J. Breed JD Wood & Lamping, Inc.
Tom has been providing legal advice and consulting services to our advisors and clients for many years. His downtown office location is convenient for client appointments.

Wealth Management Services

Jeff Spitzmiller - Queen City Capital Management
We have the advantage of having Jeff Spitzmiller, Chief Investment Officer of Queen City Capital Management housed in our 4th Street office location.

For more information about opportunities at Queen City Financial Advisors, please contact:

Chuck Hais, ChFC, CLU
Registered Principal/ Branch Manager
Direct 513-729-9733
Cell 513-314-2258